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Sunday, August 06, 2006

A woman needs a man to feel safe.

It's just true. I have been skittish about everything since Jeff left. Even though he doesn't live with me, I feel that I am safer just because I have a special man friend in the neighborhood.

I am sure that is why Aldo Kelrast makes me nervous. That, and those silly rumors Toby told me about. After all, in the past, when other Charterstone residents appeared beside my car, I did not freak out. When other Charterstone residents asked me if they could help carry my bags, I let them. When other Charterstone residents asked me to lunch, I went. But now, even though I am pretty open-minded, I can't even take a joke! I was actually reduced to spilling my groceries all over the floor in fear when I finally got into my condo!

I wonder how many times I will have to turn down Aldo Kelrast's overtures before he gets a clue?! I can't have anything to do with him, platonically or otherwise! I already have a man friend--Jeff! Aldo seems to think that the only way that is a problem is if Jeff finds out Aldo and I have been having lunch together, or if Aldo was carrying my bags for me. But it isn't! If I let another man put his hands on my bags, it would be bad enough that I WOULD KNOW ABOUT IT!

Then again, I do find a man in a bow tie devastatingly attractive!


Anonymous Toby Cameron said...

Mary, I really think that nervous feeling you are having is your intuition! You might not have liked my husband's comment about Kelrast/stalker, but please, at least don't silence that inner voice that tells you something is not right! Please be very careful!


6:00 PM  
Anonymous Margo from Apt. 3G said...

This "Aldo" sounds "hot." Is he a Hat Man?

6:29 PM  
Blogger Mary Worth said...

Margo, I can honestly say that I have never seen Mr. Kelrast in a hat.

Toby, I am sure you must be wrong about my intuition. Charterstone's stringent approval process for all residents would never allow a stalker or a murderer to slip through! Only the creme de la creme live at Charterstone. That's what the brochure said when I bought my condominium, and I believe it! Also, I can vouch for the purity of our complex because I am the "unofficial manager" of the place!

Yours truly, Mary Worth

7:36 PM  
Anonymous dennie worth said...


It has been a long time since you sold apples on the streets to pay for our food, if a resident of your condominium community makes you feel skittish. Remember back when we used to live together and you would fight off anyone who popped up trying to steal an apple. I think when you married Jack Worth, the Wall Street wizard and he left you all that money when he died, it might have changed you. If Aldo Kelrast bothers you again, you should do what you would have done during the Great Depression – beat the ever-living daylights out of him.

Your crippled grandson,

1:40 PM  
Anonymous aldo kelrast said...


Since I offered to take you lunch and you rejected my advance, it is your turn to offer me dinner, so I can reject your advance, not that a gentlemen would reject your advance. I like casseroles, just in case you are interested.

Love and tuna,
Aldo Kelrast

1:45 PM  
Anonymous Rita said...

I say go for it Mary, have a fling. That Aldo is a cheap chance at some action while your main squeeze is away

3:32 PM  

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